Special Session Invitation CISIS 2021

We are very excited to be part of the BIECO project. The Trust in the IT ecosystem is very important today, especially in the context of the quick evolution of computing.

Advances in technology, both hardware and software, mean that manually testing software pieces and their interactions with the real world (in the case of IoT) are not only infeasible, but also nearly impossible without extremely large investments. The BIECO Project’s aim is to provide a framework and platform where users can upload their source-code and have the framework check it against known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Regarding this project, we are glad to announce that we will have a special session at the CISIS 2021 Conference, where topics like Vulnerability Detection and Propagation, Exploitability Forecasting, Predictive Simulation and may others, will be discussed. The whole list of topics is available HERE. We would be delighted to have you there with us!