The start of our new project: MUSHNOMICS

We are very pleased to announce the starting of our new research project MUSHNOMICS. The project is on the ICT AGRI-FOOD Programme, with a total budget of over 900K EUR.

In this project we partnered with Pilze-Nagy Kft., one of the most important producers of oyster mushrooms from Hungary, and also with two important European universities: University of Copenhagen and University College Dublin.

The MUSHNOMICS Research Project will contribute to the food industry by developing a three-stage processing methodology in order to enable safe and circular-economy-enabled use of the mushroom growing substrate, while also optimizing mushroom growth. Cutting edge ITC technologies will be used, like Artifficial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, IoT enabled Cloud Data Collection and Integrations.

The MUSHNOMICS platform will enable complete data integration within it's boundaries, so that if you buy a facility equiped with it, growth data will be echanged with the platform, so that the system will learn by itself, continuously optimizing the suggestions and parameter tuning that the system makes locally.

We are very excited about this project and couldn't wait to have it started. This can be clearly seen by the big smile that every team member shows in the above picture. Every project is a little step we make for a more sustainable future, a greener society and a better place for our kids to grow up and live in.

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