POR 4.1 - Headquarters

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The overall project objective is to increase the economic competitiveness of SMEs at North - West Region Development level.

The purpose of the project is the construction and equipment of a new headquarters for Holisun activity.

The specific objectives are:

1. Design and construction a new headquarters with an area of 300 square meters, within 14 months at a cost approx. of 678,000 lei.
2. Facilities and equipment of new office furniture and equipment within five months at a cost of 110.750 lei;
3. 50% increase in jobs (4 jobs) in over 4 months by hiring workforce from Maramures county.

In the medium term, the project aims to increase turnover by an average of 7.5% per year and the number of jobs.

The added value of the project is determined by the development of new software products aimed at SMEs, institutions and LPAs in Romania, and here we refer to the extension of the first virtual market Pharma Agora Central, creating solutions for e-learning for educational institutions and development of integrated solutions for e-government.


The target group is represented by:

G1 - Holisun current employees, 8 people, who will benefit from a stable job, a new and equipped building, according to the needs that are involved in this software programming activity;
G2 - prospective employees of Holisun, 4 people who will get a job in an innovative and creative field;

The project beneficiary is Holisun as the applicant company in the ROP.

Indirect beneficiaries: customers, suppliers, local public authorities, City Hall of Baia Mare by collecting taxes on land and the future building of Holisun, the community from Baia Mare by economic development at city level.

Project activities

1. Project preparation

Title: Preparing documents for the project

Description: For any work execution activity, we need a technical report and an estimate of work after which we can choose the best embodiment of the construction in foothold regarding land structure and type of work. Also, the financing file preparation is done by a consultant who designs a business plan.

Activity no.2

Title: Project management

Description: For a correct implementation of the project, it must be prepared by the implementation team. They will prepare reports for the Intermediate Body, the accounting audit documents made by the coordinator of the project, economic expert and subcontracted auditor, the verification of the implementation of activities, the verification of the resources involved.

Activity no.3

Title: Information campaign

Description: The project results will be visible both in Baia Mare and the entire North West region. To ensure accurate information of direct and indirect beneficiaries, there will be an information campaign that will target both local institutions, businesses and the population. They will be informed through media, events, project presentation, ads, billboards etc. The entire information campaign will be rolled out by the advertising agency selected, so that, ultimately ensuring project visibility at local and regional visual identity according to the Manual of Regio.

Activity no.4

Title: Contracting bridge loan

Description: To support the investment, Holisun will contract a bridge loan so that there are no bottlenecks in the project cashflow.

Activity no.5

Title: Investment objective execution

Description: The activity will target the construction of a new office area of approx. 300 sqm consisting of offices, a multifunctional room, annexes, central heating space, toilets. The building will be connected to the next utilities: water, electricity, photovoltaic panels, central heating based on pellet and sanitation through an ecological septic tank.

Activity no.6

Title: Endowment and equipment of the new headquarters

Description: The new building will be equipped with furniture in 5 offices and the multifunctional room will be equipped with modular furniture so it can be used for meetings, courses etc. Also the headquarters will be equipped with IT&C equipment.

Activity no.7

Title: Selection and recruitment

Description: Due to business expansion , Holisun will employ 4 people in administrative , sales and programming areas. The selection will be made in compliance with legislation on discrimination and equality. Also one of the staff will be more than 45 years , one disabled and young graduates. The recruitment will be mainly made from the city of Baia Mare and from North University, Faculty of Computers Science .

Activity no.8

Title: Project Audit

Description: The project implementation will be supervised by an independent auditor.


 Result indicator        Value        Deadline

 The number of newly created permanent jobs,
full time in the microenterprise [newly part-time created
jobs will be considered proportional to the working
time stipulated in the labor contract]

 4   The end of the implementation period  
Other outcome indicators

Average turnover growth

Other outcome indicators
 7.5%  Dupa primul an de implementare
Construction of the new headquarters 300 sqm During the implementation
- office furniture sets 5 pcs  
- multifunctional room furniture set 1 pcs  
- pcs. desktop computers 5 pcs  
- notebooks 5 pcs  
- data server 1 pcs  
- copy machinery 1 pcs  
- projector 1 pcs  
- phone central 1 pcs  
- wireless router 1 pcs  
- anti-theft system 1 pcs  
- server operating system 1 pcs  
- MS Office licenses 10 pcs  
- server antivirus license 1 pcs  


For detailed information about other programs jointly financed by the European Union, please visit www.fonduri-ue.ro.

We invest in your future! Project selected within the Regional Operational Programme and co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.


This report does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Union and the Romanian Government.