oftware Development toolKit for Energy optimization and technical Debt elimination


Title: Software Development toolKit for Energy optimization and technical Debt elimination

Acronym: SDK4ED


The main goal of the project is to minimize cost, time and complexity of low-energy software development processes, by providing tools for automatic optimization of both software quality and non-functional requirements such as energy efficiency, dependability and performance, with the capacity to tackle the interplay between design quality and run-time constraints.

Expected results:

  • Defining a set of methods and tools for monitoring processes for early identification of design flaws, energy consumption indicators, and security vulnerabilities, with respect to the targeted hardware platform and non-functional requirements
  • Estimation of costs and limitations associated with technical debt (TD) liabilities in the entire software stack
  • Providing toolkits for assessing project management decisions with respect to the choices of repaying TD, under the constraints imposed on energy consumption and security
  • Implementation of solutions in three industry-driven distinct but complementary industries: aviation, health and automotive
  • Illustrating the importance and benefits introduced by proper technical debt (TD) management in the development of applications that require the optimization of energy consumption

Funding programme: HORIZON 2020

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Project duration: 36 months


  • Total budget: 4.32M€
  • Holisun budget: 221k€