Gender Equality Plan

Gender Equality Plan
The Gender Equality Plan is an instrument that, on the one hand, reiterates some of the values that are central to the institution’s governance (such as equality, inclusion, diversity, transparency), and on the other hand proactively responds to challenges to ensure that gender equality principles are upheld in all company processes and practices.
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Objectives, Principles and courses of action

Under the motto "We bring you the future" HOLISUN aims to promote more inclusive perspectives and organizational culture, both among employees, as well as in the interactions with national and international partners, initiating dialogue on the importance and benefits of respecting gender equality principles. The measures adopted within the present Gender Equality Plan aim to:  

Promote mutual respect and ensure equal opportunities for HOLISUN employees;

Recognize differences as a potential source of development and growth, at both individual as well as organizational level, and to promote and enhance diversity;

Adopt positive measures meant to address and prevent inequalities, promoting both internally and externally values that ensure equal opportunities.

The main courses of action standing at the base of the Gender Equality Plan


Human Resources
Institutional Governance
Institutional Communication
Sexual/moral Harassment
Research Funding